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Make Music Los Angeles

Your Neighborhood - Your Music

Dorsay Dujon

Dorsay Dujon


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dorsay credits the inspiration for founding Make Music Los Angeles to three life-altering moments: her third grade music teacher Mrs. Ursula Murell, a 60 Minute segment on Youth Orchestras of Venezuela and an article in the New York Times. Mrs. Murell ensured each of her students had the opportunity to not only experience opera and concerts, but also play musical instruments. The television segment focused on El Systema - a Venezuelan social program established to place musical instruments in children’s hands. As a result, over 200 youth orchestras have taken root in the country. Dorsay’s third inspiration was a New York Times article picturing Central Park Lake with musicians and the audiences. Dorsay subsequently contacted Aaron Friedman, founder of Make Music New York and the result was the birth of Make Music Los Angeles. In many ways, Dorsay has been preparing for MMLA all her life; her background as a tradeshow, convention and special event producer makes her well-qualified to lead Make Music LA.