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Make Music Los Angeles

Your Neighborhood - Your Music

Recently, MMLA board member and celebrity interviewer, Karla Gordy Bristol packed her video camera and set off on a flight to Las Vegas for the hustle and bustle of the Billboard Awards weekend.  While Karla was on the red carpet and backstage at the Awards on May 20, 2012, several celebrities graciously gave her an on camera shout out to MMLA for her PSA, including, Whoopi Goldberg, LMFAO, Robin Thicke and Stevie Wonder.  Karla said, “Many people at the awards were intrigued about a day dedicated to celebrating music in Los Angeles.  They were asking me for the MMLA website in between my camera shots.”  When asked how she felt to be working an event where her cousins, LMFAO, were nominated for 16 awards, she said, “It makes my job even more exciting.  I jumped backstage when they announced their first win of 6 awards.  I’m extremely happy and proud of all they have accomplished.”  When asked about the fashion, she said, “Taylor Swift is so beautiful and wore a lovely red Elle Saab dress.  She walked around so gracefully, as if she was floating.  Brandy had a new look and I loved it!  Alicia Keys’ hair was true perfection, and John Legend was consistently adorable.”   Karla and MMLA thank all of the celebrities who recognized MMLA’s June 21st day of music.