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Make Music Los Angeles

Your Neighborhood - Your Music

Make Music Los Angeles (MMLA) is based on France’s Fête de la Musique, a national musical holiday inaugurated in 1982. The festival has become an international phenomenon celebrated on the same day in more than 800 cities in 110 countries, including Germany, Italy, Morocco, Australia, Vietnam, Congo, Cameroon, Fiji, Colombia, Chile, Nepal, and Japan.

Make Music Winter - December 21st 2018

Winter is Coming!

Announcing a new annual celebration: Make Music Winter! Like Make Music Day on June 21, Make Music Winter is a free, outdoor, participatory musical event that turns audiences into music makers. Since 2011, it has been organized in New York City each December 21 - the shortest day of the year - with twelve musical parades around the city, open for all to join. This year, Make Music Winter is spreading nationwide. This is an invitation for Los Angeles musicians, singers and dancers to join the national parade.

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For Make Music Winter, music can pop up anywhere. Rounding the corner, you may see a herd of electric guitarists, a choir of medieval singers or trumpets blaring. Ingenious musical parades for iPhones, hand bells, bicycles, trombones, and boomboxes have delighted audiences since New York began celebrating Make Music Winter in 2011.

Whatever your wintertime musical dreams, anything is possible. And all of it is free, joyful and profoundly participatory.

L.A. come out and make your musical dreams come true: rock bands, jazz bands, classical, pop, R&B, singers, choirs, rap - whatever your heart desires. Family friendly or 21 and over. Make your neighborhood come alive with music in celebration of the Winter Solstice.

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Event Locations

  • The City of Gardena

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